whose-faultThere is nothing more frustrating than spending thousands of pounds on nice new shinny glass only to find it has been scratched, ruining the look of your building or the view you have paid so much money for.

It can be extremely expensive to replace or repair scratch damage and if someone else has caused the scratching, should you really be expected to pay to rectify the damage?

But, how can you determine the cause of the scratch damage and who is liable for its repair?

This is where The Guild of Glass Polishers can help.

With the experience that comes with many years of dealing with scratched glass, our highly skilled glass polishers are able to determine the root cause of scratch damage to glass surfaces.  From contaminated water to the incorrect use of metal edged tools to remove debris from glass surfaces, or any one of many other possible causes.  Scratches on glass have patterns, traits and severity markers that enable us to accurately identify their root cause.

Obviously, we cannot state that Bob scratched the glass at 3.30 on a Thursday afternoon, but by assessing the scratch damage itself, looking at works undertaken in the immediate vacinity of the scratched glass and by corrilating this information, we are able to create a timline identifying the probable root cause of the scratch damage with a view to liability or culpability.

Many individuals and companies have used these services to save many thousands of pound and to resolve disputes over liability and when our Damage Assessment Reports have been used in legal arguments, they have proved successful on each occassion.

If you need to determine the cause of your scratched glass, call us today and ask about our Damage Assessment Report service.  We are here to help.

Current causes of scratch damage

Scraper Scratches

Trowel Scratches

Spatter Damage

Sandpaper Scratches

based on assessment reports in 2017-2018

Contaminated Water

Brillo Scratches

Contact Scratching

Graffiti Scratching