Repairing scratched glass as opposed to replacing it, offers many benefits;

save money

Saving Money

On average, our industry customers save in excess of 80% on the cost of fitting new replacement glass.

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Saving Time

Repairing scratched glass negates long lead-time for replacement glass to be produced and delivered to site.

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Saving Resources

Repairing scratched glass means less glass needs to be produced, reducing carbon emmissons released into the environment.

Although these maybe the main considerations for most trades, glass polishing or repairing scratched glass also eleviates much of the hassle and stress from dealing with your scratched glass problem.  

Having replacementments fitted is very often a major undertaking and results in additional trades such as decorators and cleaners having to return after the glass has been replaced.

Using a glass polisher means that you only need one trade onsite to solve your scratched glass problem.

Of course, the ideal solution is that the glass were never scratched in the first place!