members-groupWelcome to The Guild

If you are a professional glass polisher or you offer scratched glass repair services or if you are thinking about becoming a glass polisher, we want to help you be successful.


Our industry is growing everyday, with more and more people offering glass polishing services. In one respect, this is great as it validates our trade and introduces scratched glass repair to an ever increasing market.

The down side is that very few of these new commers have the skills or experience to do the job well. Leaving a customer with poor results paints us all in a bad light.

By working together we can educate potential industry customers, showing them what they should be able to expect from professional glass polishers and the benefits our services have to offer.

What's more - working together offers you as a Guild member many advantages.

  • Gaining industry recognised qualifications specific to glass polishing.
  • Access to a skilled workforce of industry qualified glass polishers across the U.K.
  • Being kept up to date on the latest developments in glass polishing systems, techniques and practices.
  • Being kept up to date on the latest developments in statutory requirements and working practices.
  • Having work refered to you in your area and around the U.K and Europe and even the Middle East.
  • Securing cheaper rates for insurance cover.
  • Securing cheaper rates for consumables.
  • Securing cheaper rates for vehicle leasing.
  • Inclusion to group training for I.P.A.F / P.A.S.M.A / R.P.E Fitting / etc.
  • Increased industry recognition for you as a business and for your skills as a professional.

As The Guild secures more and more deals for its members, this list will continue to grow, making life alot more enjoyable and profitable for us all.

A small point to consider is that as we increase awareness for our industry, we are also working with our cousins in other countries to do the same thing.  In the not to distant future, a Guild Qualification will be transposable in many places around the world, making YOU a valuable resource in these countries.

Would you like to know more about the benefits The Guild of Glass Polishers has to offer, pick up the phone.  We would love to hear from you, so call us today and let us show you how we can help your business become even more successfull.