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Employing any contractor can be a daunting prospect, especially if it is in a field you know little about.  Our aim is to aid you in finding the right advice and guidance in resolving your scratched glass problem.  Ensuring that you get the best possible results and service from our industry only enhamces the reputation of professional glass polishers, so whether you decide to use a Guild member or not, we are still here to help you find the right information and solutions.

We can also help you to avoid any nasty surprises along the way, as can happen with any construction related project.

Most people will not have come across glass polishing until it becomes a problem for them, and to be fair, why should they? It is not a particularly sexy industry, still quite niche in many ways, but glass polishing does offer genuine repair solutions to scratched glass problems, and often provides massive savings when compared to replacing scratched glass.

What ever your scratched glass problem may be, call The Guild of Glass Polishers and one of our extremely experienced glass polishers will be on hand to guide you through the process of finding the right repair solution for you.

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