Working for residential customers

Employing any constractor can be a daunting prospect, especially if it is a field you know little about. We are happy to help you understand the process of repairing your scratched glass and the things to watch out for, even if you do not use us for your repairs.

   Invisible Repairs - We operate to the highest standards in the industry, meaning that we only produce the very best results. We gaurantee invisible repairs every time.

  Treating your home with respect - We appreciate that we are working in your home and not a contruction site. Our techncians always strive to protect and treat your home with the utmost respect.

  Free Advice & Guidance - Our glass polishers are the only glass polishers in the U.K. to hold industry recognised qualifications in scratched glass repair.


Your first 3 questions

99% of the time the answer is yes. We can remove any scratch from any glass in any situation.
On average, our customers save around 80% on the cost of replacement. Call us for an estimate to repair your scratch damage.
As a rule, we can be working onsite within 72 hours of recieving your authorisation paperwork. Over water or European contracts may need a little more lead-time, subject to travel arrangements.

Our members are still the only glass polishers able to GUARANTEE the quality of their work, producing distortion free, invisible repairs, everytime.

The standard of our work is guaranteed to exceed the Standard of Visual Quality for the repair of installed flat glass published by The Guild of Glass Polishers, which demands a far higher standard than the current G.G.F. Standards.

At The Guild of Glass Polishers we work hard to enhance the image of our industry by ensuring that our members offer a premium service and best practice at all times, which is why we underwrite and provide an independent GUARANTEE on work carried out by our members.

As we have already stated, we appreciate that your home is not a building site. Our techncians take every precaution to protect your home, from the front door to wherever they may be working.

Our Zipwall protection systems can completely seal of an area of a room, ensuring any mess is kept to a minimium. What's more, once finished, our techncians will clean up after themselves so you would never know they were ever there.

We are not in the business of the hard sell. If we do not believe that we can offer you a cost effective solution to your scratched glass problem, we will tell you from the start.

We can even show you how your damage was caused and in many cases advise you on how to seek compensation to cover the cost of the repairs.

All of our work is backed by The Guild of Glass Polishers satisfaction gaurantee, so if you are not completely satisfied, you get your money back.

All contracts are covered by our own liability insurance policies - Public Liability - £5 million, Employers Liability - £10 million. Specific liability policies such as Airside or Trackside can be arranged. Our insurance documentation can be viewed here.

If your scratched glass repairs are being paid for by your insurance company, we are happy to liase directly with them and take a little more pressure from your shoulders.


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