Removing Cleaning Scratches

Removing Cleaning Scratches

During the development of these new Council offices in Stoke-on-Trent, much of the glass sustained heavy scratch damage caused by the incorrect use of scrapers to remove debris from the surface.

The damage was widespread, affecting much of the partition glass throughout and on all floors.


Our Guild member completed the repairs to the glass throughout the development in 12 days, making sure that the client was completely satisfied with the quality of the work undertaken.

Repairing Scraper Scratches

Scraper Scratches

When the window in this prestigous London penthouse appartment were damaged by careless cleaning, our members were called to assess the damage and quote for its repair.

Caused by the misude of metal edged cleaning tools to remove plaster and paint overspray from the surface of the glass, the scratching was very visible, especially in the sunlight.

The cleaning contractors were devasted that on of their operatives had made such a mistake and asked for the repairs to be carried out as quickly and quietly as possible.  Our members attended site and repaired the glass before anyone knew the glass had ever been damaged, restorng the glass to its original condition.


Savings on replacement costs

Saving on replacement time

Customer Satisfaction