Repairing Lion Scratches

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    August 2017

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    Bespoke, Renovation

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    The Scratched Glass Repair Company / HSR

Lion Scratches!!!

When the nice people from Whipsnade Zoo rang us about restoring the glass of their lion enclosure, we were alittle taken back.

The majority of the scratch damage had been caused by the lions licking and pawing the glass.  Apparently a lions toungue is incredibly rough and can scratch the glass when they lick it.  We decided to take the lion keepers word for this.  It is not something we feel the need to check for ourselves.

After a little negotiation, the keepers agreed to put the lions away for a bit while we worked, but apparently the Whipsnade guys have a sense of humour and refused to tell us just how long ‘a bit’ actually is!  We finished ahead of time.


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