So how does The Guild Network work?

The Guild Network is about providing us all with a readily available workforce of skilled, experienced glass polishers, throughout the U.K.

To be included in The Guild Network, members must be Guild Qualified glass polishers.  This means that we all know each other’s capability and give us the confidence to subcontract to another member, knowing that the job will be done correctly and your customer will be completely satisfied.  Think of it like a McDonalds.  Your Big Mac will be the same in Scotland as it is in London.

When you subcontract to a Guild Network Member, they will be representing your company on site.  Guild members have a generic uniform, none of which carries any logo, branding or phone numbers.  This gives the impression that everyone on your contract is working for you, which indeed they are.  Most Network members are happy to wear your uniform if required, as long as you provide it to them beforehand.  

Guild Network members will never poach your business.  This is a big No No. 

The Guild Network operates to a set standard.  We all use the same systems, the same abrasives, the same techniques.  We all use the same generic paperwork, job sheets, signoff sheets etc.  This means that regardless of which member undertakes your contract on your behalf, not only are you assured that the repairs are completed, but that you have all the required paperwork to invoice your client.

You use The Guild Network

You have a contract that you are too busy to undertake yourself, you may not have the skill set required (IPAF etc.) or it is not in your area, but you do not want to turn the work away.

Locate a Guild Network Member in the area of your contract and give them a call.  If they have the availability, send them a job sheet / work order, with the contract details.  They do not approach your customer, all the information comes through you.  They accept the contract and confirm your work order.  They complete the contract, ensuring that the customer satisfaction sheet is completed and signed.

They send the sign off sheet to you together with their invoice to you for their work.  You invoice your customer and pay the Guild Network member.

The Guild Network employs you

A Guild Network member approaches you to undertake a contract.  They send you a job sheet / work order.  If you have the availability you accept the work order and undertake the contract.  Any additional information you require for this contract must come through the Guild Network member you are contracting for.  You must never approach their client directly.  You complete the contract, ensure that you complete the customer satisfaction declaration and that it is signed by the appropriate person.

You send the sign off sheet to the Guild Network member in question together with your invoice. 

Guild Network Rates

These rates are set for all of us, agreed by the founding members of The Guild and constantly monitored by The Guilds Steering Committee.

The rates work in conjunction with Guild Qualifications.  We do this to ensure that we all maintain focused on developing the skill set of our industry and the development of ourselves and those working for us.

Fixed Network Rates 

Guild Registered Trainee Glass Polisher - £150 per day

Guild Qualified Glass Polisher - £250 per day

Guild Qualified Senior Glass Polisher - £300 per day

Guild Qualified Master Glass Polisher - £350 per day

Note: These rates apply to fully inclusive provision of service (excluding access or specialist equipment).  No additional expenses should be sought, with the exception of excessive travel, flights or overseas accommodations.

You can learn more about Guild Qualifications here.

By using The Guild Network you have a skilled experienced workforce whenever you need it for as long as you need it, without the commitment of employing your own staff.

What's more, when you break down the costings and compare them to the cost of employing, equipping and ensuring the welfare of full time employed staff, the costs for both options are pretty much the same.