Glass Polishing for Construction

The most common causes of scratch damage on a construction site or commercial development are careless cleaning, render removal or careless decorating.  These types of scratch damage can be repaired quickly, safely and for much less than the cost of replacement.

But in today's construction industry, it's not just about the repairing of scratched glass.  It is also about how you operate.  With Health and Safety, litigation and culpability playing an ever increasing role in construction today, a construction site or project manager needs to ensure that the trades they employ are genuine professionals.

By choosing a qualified glass polisher, recognized by The Guild of Glass Polishers, to work on your project, you are assured that your glass polishers have been assessed and verified to not only have the required skill level for the task in hand but that are they qualified to operate in a safe, professional manner on your project.


Your first 3 questions

99% of the time the answer is yes. A suitably qualified glass polisher can remove any scratch from any glass in any situation.
On average, repairing scratched glass saves around 80% on the cost of replacement.
As a rule, we can arrange to have an experienced, qualified glass polisher working onsite within 72 hours of receiving your authorization paperwork. Over water or European contracts may need a little more lead-time, subject to travel arrangements.

Our members are still the only glass polishers able to GUARANTEE the quality of their work, producing distortion free, invisible repairs, everytime.

The standard of our members work is guaranteed to exceed the Standard of Visual Quality for the repair of installed flat glass published by The Guild of Glass Polishers, which demands a far higher standard than the current G.G.F. Standards.

At The Guild of Glass Polishers we work hard to enhance the image of our industry by ensuring that our members offer a premium service and best practice at all times, which is why we underwrite and provide an independent GUARANTEE on work carried out by our members.

All of our members are C.I.T.B registered and carry valid C.S.C.S. cards, meaning that they are trained and qualified to operate safely within your working environment.

Each glass polishing technician is also equipped with full 6 point P.P.E. and equipment for working in either 110v or 240v depending on your site requirements. As working platforms or M.E.W.P's are often required to access working areas, many of our members are also I.P.A.F. and P.A.S.M.A qualified.

Our members are the only glass polishers to possess Industry Recognized Qualifications, specific to glass polishing.

A Guild Qualification badge enables you to easily identify a professional glass polisher and gives you the reassurance that your glass polisher not only has the skills and experience to repair your scratched glass, but that they hold the correct liability insurance, C.S.C.S. / I.P.A.F / P.A.S.M.A required for your project.

Our glass polishing technicians also carry full Risk Assessments and Method Statements relating to their work on your site. These are prepared by Senior Glass Polishers who will have visited your site previously to undertake the initial assessment of works.

All contracts booked through the Guild are also covered by our own liability insurance policies - Public Liability - £5 million, Employers Liability - £10 million. Specific liability policies such as Airside or Trackside can be arranged. Our insurance documentation can be viewed here.


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