Member Services

We work incredibly hard for our members, after all, without our members we are nothing.

By promoting the industry and our individual members, the services they provide and the benefits those services have to offer, we can help the glass polishing industry make the jump from a 'niche' to a mainstream industry, readily accepted by all industries and commercial markets.

By working with our members to constantly improve the services we offer and the way in which those services are provided, we WILL drive the glass polishing industry forward.  As we become more mainstream, our members will secure more work, making a better living, employ more glass polishers and expand glass polishing into an ever increasing range of markets.

We also, through group purchasing, negotiate good deals on tools, equipment and consumables for our members, together with cheaper rates for insurance and admin services and accountancy.

With the introduction of Guild Qualifications, Guild members finally have the opportunity to gain Industry Recognised Qualifications and recognition as a true professional.

But probably the strongest tool in for our members is access to our network of Guild Qualified glass polishers.

The Guild Network offers a skilled, fully equiped work force made up of experienced Guild Qualified glass polishers, throughout the U.K. at a fixed cost.  Our members are able to access the Guild Network whenever they need additional polishers.  At a glace of a Guild members profile, you can see their skill level, their working area, their levels of liabilty insurance, their additional skills such as I.P.A.F. or rope access ability, giving you the confidence that they will represent your business in a professional manner.

A fully skilled and equiped workforce on an as and when required basis allows you to accept contracts when you yourself maybe busy on another contract, all at a fixed cost.  Or perhaps your customer has a short contract in an area of the country that is not cost effective for you to travel to on a day rate.  This is no longer a problem, simply use the Guild Network to find a member in that area and you still make money.

And... don't forget, any contract booked through The Guild comes with an independent guarantee that your contract will be completed to your customers satisfaction.

Damage Assessments : Should you pay for 3rd party damage?

As scratch damage to glass becomes an ever increasing problem for contractors, so too does the issue of meeting the cost of repair. Counter charging within the construction industry is now standard, but that brings with it many more issues in proving culpability.

If you have the need to prove, disprove or identify liability in the cause of scratch damage to glass, The Guild of Glass Polishers can help.

Our senior technicians have the skills and experience to determine how scratch damage has been caused and to establish a time-line, comparing the cause of the damage to tasks or projects that would have been working in the immediate area of the damage.

The most common causes of scratch damage on a construction or commercial development are down to careless cleaning, decorating or rendering and usually have nothing to do with the installation.

These reports also include a step by step guide as to how the damage was caused and how that could tie in with works carried out around the immediate area of the damage caused.  Our reports also detail the precise location of the damage and a full, fixed cost of repair, together with the time required to undertake the repairs, giving you a complete assessment of your scratch damage problem.  This sort of comprehensive information proves invaluable when looking to 'counter charge' the cost or repairs.  Our damage assessment reports have been successfully presented in the courts.

A growing number of our clients are now regularly using our Damage Assessment Reports as standard practice on completion of large glazing contracts, instructing us to assess all glazed units within a specific contract.

Using our reports in this manner provides our clients with documented evidence that their contract was completed without scratch damage and that the standard of glazing at the time of completion complied with The Glass & Glazing Federations standards for visual quality as fit for purpose.

Please note that our damage assessment reports are carried out without bias and should not be used for avoiding liability.

For free advice, free estimate or free site visit call our customer service team today, even the phone call is free!

We have a fixed cost for undertaking Damage Assessment Reports throughout the U.K. of £440 +VAT
The Guilds own Master Glass Polishers carry out every Damage Assessment Report.
If you have one or two scratched units in your house, then no, it is not worth spending money on something that would be cheaper to replace, but if you have a large project where multiple glass units have been damaged, then most definately, as our reports provide all the information and technical details required to seek compensation or legal reimbersement.