Raising the Bar: A New Standard for Visual Quality

For the past 17 years, the Standard of Visual Quality for Installed Flat Glass, introduced by The Glass & Glazing Federation, has been the accepted industry standard for the glazing and construction sectors.

If we are brutally honest, it was accepted as the industry standard because it was the only standard available at a time when a standard was needed.

When this standard was concieved, it was a godsend to the industry and it has served us all well for many years, but as the quality of glass improves and the abilities of glass polishing systems improve and, more importantly, as the end user expectations become ever more demanding, a new standard is called for.

The Guild of Glass Polishers have recently published a new Standard of Visual Quality for the repair of installed flat glass, which demands a much higher standard of repair and viewing criteria.

Although originally written for the viewing of repaired glass, many users have found that these standards of visual quality far exceed any others in the industry as they perform equally well for the general inspection of installed flat glass.

This document is freely offered to assist indutry and end users alike to establish an increased acceptable visual standard for flat glass.


Advice: Any dispute relating to a standard of glazing is between the supplier and customer.  Although you can seek expert advice and or mediation from a number of sources, remember that this is a third-party service, usually chargeable.

Although some organisations may lead you to believe differently, there is no official governing body for the glazing industry.  Organisations offering guidance and advice, including ourselves, have no authority and cannot legislate or enforce anything.

The best advice we can give you is to include a standard for the visual quality for installed flat glass in your initial purchase, supply or installation agreement.  In this way you have stipulated your required standards for the installed glass and had it agreed to by your supplier that will stand up in a court of law.


For further information relating to our standard of visual quality for the repaired flat glass, or any other service offered by The Guild of Glass Polishers, please visit our website: www.guildofglasspolishers.co.uk