Industry Recognised Qualifications

The Guild of Glass Polishers have been working to establish an industry recognised training and qualification programme, providing skill training, skill recognition and professional verification.

To date there has not been any form of qualifiaction in the glass polishing industry, allowing anyone to pick up a polishing machine and call themselves professionls.  This often has a detremental effect on our industry, leaving customers with substandard repairs and giving our industry  a bad name.

By introducing and promoting an industry recognised qualifiaction, we aim to give industry customers a simple method to easily identify a true professional glass polisher.  By choosing a Guild Qualified glass polisher, you as a customer can be assured that they have the skills and experience to repair your glass quickly, safely and that you recieve real value for your money.

What's more, using a Guild Qualified glass polisher means that your repair will be independently guranteed by The Guild of Glass Polishers giving additional peace of mind.

Whether you are a residential customer with a single scratch repair or a commercial or construction manager with large multiple repairs, a Guild Qualification shows that a glass polisher not only has the professional skill and ability, it shows that they possess the correct liability insurance, valid C.S.C.S qualifications, their equipment is PAT tested, they operate within their Method Statement and that they will have carried out and submitted a full risk assessment for your project.

For an industry professional, a Guild Qualification mean industry recognition, not just within the construction or commercial sector, but for insurance, C.I.T.B. and a whole host of other sectors.  It also helps with employing new technicians.  Employing a Guild Qualified glass polisher means you already know their ability and standard of work.

Overall, an industry recognised qualification programme will help us to promote and instill a sense of confidence in the glass polishing industry, providing customers with the best service and our members with a strong industry to thrive in.

In much the same way as you would only employ a Gas Safe or Corgi engineer to service your boiler, we hope that you would only employ a Guild Qualified glass polisher to repair your scratched glass.

For more information on finding a Guild Qualified glass polisher, or to learn more about our training and qualifiaction programme, please call us, we are happy to help.